Our Staff

Montessori Guides

The Montessori Guides at Metta have at least a Master's degree and the Montessori teacher training, which is the equivalent of a master's degree, appropriate for the age group with whom they work. Lead Teachers at Metta have followed the Montessori teacher training offered by AMI. Our Teachers are committed to following Montessori best practices as outlines by AMI. Metta Teachers value their role as "learners" and constantly aim to make their practice better. They regularly attend conferences, workshops, and courses, in addition to engaging in a peer review process with teachers from other schools. Metta Teachers approach their work with great humility. They recognize the need to "follow the child," letting the child's needs inform their decisions. Above all, Metta Teachers embrace the Montessori philosophy as a way of life, a life lived with the child to support her in her development, and not just a curriculum to be imparted. They are committed to serve the child.